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Reimagined - Citi Open

When the Citi Open tennis tournament completely revamped their image, they needed a television commercial to show off their reimagined vision for the games. This trailer was the result. Edited by me with motion graphics by myself and another designer, this trailer played on television sets around the tri-state area and was a big factor in revitalizing the tournament and drawing in a record number of attendees. 

Google IE Fellowship

In 2022, Google selected 20 artists from a pool of 1400 applicants, for their inaugural Image Equity Fellowship program. These artists of color developed photo-centric projects that shared untold stories from their communities. These works were displayed this year at an exhibition called Through Fire and Thunder. This video details the story of the exhibition. Very proud to have been a part of this creative opportunity highlighting new artists of color. 

Weeni Beeni

WeeniBeeni is the side-project I started in February of 2023. I've been using this TikTok channel as a creative outlet and have been consistently posting original videos when I have the spare time. In just a few short months, the channel has grown to 41+ million views and 65k followers, and even birthed it's own internet meme - Shmunguss. It's been an incredibly fun journey and I'm very proud of what I've been able to accomplish. (@weenibeeni)

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API Century Video

To celebrate their 100 year anniversary, the American Petroleum Institute wanted to create a video that would showcase the impact oil and gas have had on this country's history. Working with a creative director, and a motion designer, we created this video for API to showcase how integral their institution has been to America and it's greatest generations. Yay oil! Yay climate!

Gilga Video Application

In March of 2023, actor and musician Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) posted an open casting call for his new production company Gilga. The only rule was it had to be under 2 minutes. This application took a few days of really hard work but it perfectly shows off my unique creative skillset and quirky sense of humor (yes I really did make that VHS tape and mail it to him). 

Behind Every Product

This video is one of a series made for the AEM - Association of Equipment Manufacturers. They wanted to highlight the stories behind the manufacturing products that power the country. This video series won me two Telly awards

Advoc8 - 2 Year Anniversary 

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the DC-based marketing agency Advoc8, I put together this hype compilation showcasing the exciting work they accomplished since their last birthday. This video shows off the fun atmosphere of the company and also the high quality of work they did. You can also see a brief glimpse of me at the end. 

The 3 year anniversary video can be seen on my full portfolio page

Doubletree by Hilton - Cookies in Space

In January of 2020, Doubletree by Hilton partnered with NASA to send an experimental test oven onto the International Space Station. This made the DoubleTree cookie the first thing ever baked in space. I was on-set when we filmed the creators of the "space oven" and was responsible for the edit of this summary video. As a big space nerd, this was definitely a fun project to work on. A more detailed video of this project can be seen in my portfolio

Gallant - "Crimes"

In early 2020, YouTube hosted an exclusive PopUp event at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA. They invited 20 up and coming hip-hop artists from the Atlanta area to record one of their songs live in the studio. The live takes were recorded and turned into music videos for the artists, one of which can be seen here. I was on site for this event, where I helped set up the scenes, offload footage, and coordinate with artists. I was then the sole editor responsible for the music videos.

Prevail Hype Video

Prevail is the 'first AI-assisted testimony management and video conferencing platform purpose-built for legal proceedings'. This video was made to showcase some of the platforms most enticing features in a fun and engaging way. 

For more video projects, check out my full portfolio, or reach out to me.

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