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Professional Experience

Jan 2023 - Present

Freelance Creative Consultant

As a freelancer, I've delivered a wide range of high-quality video content, spanning from promotional videos to educational tutorials, consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations. I've maintained a swift turnaround times, balancing speed and quality to consistently meet tight project deadlines, and managed multiple projects simultaneously without sacrificing workflow. 

I've also started a TikTok channel in my spare time which has already achieved 60+ million views, 60k followers, and 7.2 million likes in just 6 months. It even spawned my own full-blown internet meme - Shmunguss (google it!)

Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

Director of Video Production @ Prevail

As the director of video production, I spearheaded and managed the entire video department of a medium-sized software startup, overseeing all aspects of video creation, production, and strategy. These videos included external marketing campaigns, social media posts, tutorials, and product demos. I was able to expertly translate complex software concepts into compelling visual narratives, effectively showcasing the company's products and features to both technical and non-technical audiences. Using graphic design and motion graphics, I maintained a distinct marketing voice through video content, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand image across all video materials.

Jul 2020 - Sep 2021

Editor/Producer @ Squad47

At Squad47 I took charge on video editing projects for renowned clients, such as Apple, Facebook, and Dunkin', resulting in impactful and visually stunning content that exceeded client expectations. Much of this work appeared across television commercials and clients  social media pages.  

Jan 2018 - Jul 2020

Editor and Motion Graphics Artist @ Advoc8

Working for a full-service marketing agency gave me valuable experience in how to effectively tell a brand story through video. At Advoc8 I was able to work with a number of high-profile clients like YouTube, CNN, Uber, Citibank, and many more. I was also able to grow my editing knowledge base by learning invaluable skills like motion graphics, color correction, and audio mixing. I won 2 Telly awards for my work at Advoc8 (see Awards below)

Aug 2017 - Oct 2017

Jr. Editor @ Pixeldust Studios

Made the jump to full-time editor and got valuable experience working on a diverse range of video projects. This was a short-term opportunity but taught me alot about how to function as a full editor within a larger creative team. 

Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

Lead Assistant Editor @ SDG Films

Honed my skills as an assistant editor by working on a feature-length documentary film (The Mighty Atom). I got my name in the credits of a movie - fun career milestone!

Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Assistant Editor @ Earth Touch USA

Gained valuable broadcast experience working on a reality series for a major television network (Animal Planet). This was my first real industry job and it gave me a great foundation for the rest of my career. I was able to get hands-on experience on every step of the post-production process, and learn from industry veterans how to be a true editor and producer. By the way, the show was called "The Guardians" and it did not get renewed for a second season, but as a 20 year old kid it was fun to see my name on TV when the credits rolled on each episode. 


Video Nerd and Internet Dweller

I've been making videos ever since I learned how to operate my dads camcorder at age 6. When we got our first copy of iMovie that came pre-installed on our 2004 Macbook, I spent hours making slideshows and dumb little home videos that are still sitting on an old hard-drive somewhere in storage. I've been watching internet videos since before YouTube was even around, and in high school I started my own channel there dedicated to gaming and comedy content. I was surprisingly able to grow it to a decent size of about 15,000 subscribers, but gave it up when I left for college 2 years later. Video editing and internet culture have been a part of my DNA for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine doing anything else as a career. Unless I start a rock band. 

Skills & Expertise

  • 8 years of experience editing videos professionally 

  • A keen eye for storytelling through visuals and music

  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer

  • Extensive knowledge of the entire editing process, from offloading and organizing, to delivering drafts and consolidating feedback

  • Experience delivering for every major platform out there - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Vimeo, you name it

  • Extensive knowledge of audio mixing and color correction

Video Editing
  • Proficient in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator

  • 4+ years of experience crafting full motion graphics videos from scratch

  • Advanced knowledge of After Effects techniques like graph editing, expressions, 3D workflow

  • I have recreated several apps from scratch using only basic After Effects tools

Motion Graphics
  • Experience scripting and storyboarding full client videos

  • Creative ideation is one of the most fun parts of the video process and one of my favorites

  • Producer experience working individually, and as a contributing member of a larger team

  • Expert at managing media and organizing project files effectively

  • I know how to see a project through to completion

  • I recognize that I will never know everything - eventually I will have run into a problem that I've never encountered before. When that time inevitably comes, I know how to find the solution myself. 

  • I'm an expert Googler. Tell me what you want done and I'll find the perfect tutorial to follow along with to get it done. 


Awards & Recognition


Check out my projects to see some of the work I've done

Or visit my portfolio for a full collection of all my recent videos

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